Friday, February 20, 2009

I Know.....

Yes, I know that it is not March yet, but I really hate February with Valentine's Day and all so I changed my background. March is a good month, it is closer to April which brings Spring. Spring is closer to May and May brings June. June is good because it brings Summer!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lolli Pop

Yesterday the kids had their Valentine's Parties at school. Well Today Carter dumped all of his out on the floor. Brooklyn decided to move her way over to his pile and get a sucker. When I saw that she had one I went to go take it away. She yelled and screamed at me so.......I put her in her chair at the table and gave it to her. Happy Valentine's Day Brooklyn....Mommy loves you!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

"I wanna go....."

So the other day, Nichole's oldest girls decided they wanted to go swimming. So they did....Well B decided that she wanted to go, but I couldn't let her go without me. Needless to say she was not very happy. She threw one of her tantrums and I wanted to scream. Well my mom and sister were there and they suggested to fill the tub with water and let her swim there......So we did. She put on her swimming suite and goggles and headed to the tub. It was the funniest thing, she got in and started to cry because Ryleigh didn't want to get in and because I would join. Can you see me in my swim suite with her in the tub?!?!?! That would not be a good sight. We then decided that since Brooklyn hadn't had a bathe for the day that we would let her get in and play. The only difference was that Brooklyn was in her birthday suite. Try explaining that to B.........
B has had a hard time being here in Kearns and not having her BF, Nat, to play with. Well today I took her up to play and I am soooooo glad that she had the chance to go and be with her BF. We love Nat and her fam. We can't wait till little Nicole is born(I am sure Amy can't wait either). We told Nat that we would come and steal her from her mom and she can come and hang with us when that baby is born. I'm not sure that she understood the term 'Steal', but I finally told her that I would just come and get her and she could spend that day hanging with us. We are so blessed to have such great friends in our lives....Thank you for allowing us to be part of your fam Nat...we love you guys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two things: Brooklyn and Angels

So, we went to PCMC and spent a few hours there waiting to see the Specialist, Dr. StotsWe finally got in and he showed us the x-rays and showed us the parts that concerned the Pediatrician. He told us how he could see why the ped. could be concerned, but as he looks at them he doesn't see a problem with her hips. He wants to re-check her hips with x-rays in 6 months. Brooklyn has a few things against her and that is the fact that she is a female and the other is the fact that I had hip problems when I was her age. The other factor is the fact the other fam members(on PJ's side)had problems. So we will re-check her in August and go from there!

So here is a great story about angels. I have been looking for a car for awhile. I thought that I found one and was going to try and buy it....well as I was talking to my sister Nichole about buying this car, the teacher she aide's for says: "Hey I have a car you can just have!" I went "What!" Ya she said I will just give it to you. Well here we are three months later and it is finally mine. She gave it to me in November and I didn't have the money to register and license it. It drove me nuts to know that I had a car, but couldn't drive it. Well I promised myself that my paycheck in Jan., I would do whatever it took to get it registered and running. Well yesterday I went to the DMV and did all the paper work and got the tags and plates!!!!! I still can't believe that she would do something like that. I didn't know her that well and she just gave me a car. What an ANGEL you are MS. Green.....I am so happy that there are still people out there that will extend what they have to help people. I could cry every time I think about what she has done for me. I hope that one day that I can do for someone that she has done for me. Here are some pics: