Friday, March 20, 2009

So...tonight we had our first spring BBQ with my parents. We were just BSing after dessert and we hear Carter and Ryleigh asking B to move out of the way of the television. I asked Ryleigh what was going on and she said that B was running back and forth in front of the television. So I asked B to come up and see me. Well she came running upstairs and was upset. I said: "Bethanie, why are you running in front of the tv?" She responds with the most serious look on her face and says: "I was exercising my legs!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catch Up!

So I have decided that I don't get enough time to do all the blogging and FB that I would like to do. So I put the baby to bed, Bethanie is sitting on the floor reading books, and I am going to take a few minutes to do something for myself and catch up.

The past couple weeks have been very difficult for me. Bethanie has had a hard time understanding why her mother has to go to work. I have tried to explain it several times and she still doesn't understand. This morning was very hard for me. We are in the car on the way to my mom's, who babysits the girls, and she says to me: "Mom I really want you to get fired so you don't have to go to work anymore!" What do you say to her. When we got to my mom's house, she would not let me go. She hung on for dear life. I sat in a chair and just held her trying to keep my composer. Finally she let me go of me so I could go to work. I gave hugs and kisses and walked out the door. My mom has this window that I go up to and wave goodbye and blow kisses to the girls. So I got to the car and just feel apart. How in the world do you manage not too? Last Friday we had her in to the Drs office for lab work on a UTI. Well she has one....when it rains it pours!! I sometimes wonder to myself...How much more can a little four-year-old handle. So today I was talking with my mom and we decided that B just needs lots and lots of love and affection. So after work, we came home, put Brooklyn to bed, and played. Just the two of us. We jumped on the tramp and laughed and laughed. We played games and even did 'homework' that I got from my Kindergarten teacher. Bethanie says to me while we are doing the 'homework': "Mom, I love this day!"

Brooklyn on the other hand is finally over her ear infections and all that cold stuff. Well Saturday I went to dinner with my bro and parents. My mom was holding Brooklyn and says: "Can you give this kid a mint or something her breathe stinks!" I was all "WHAT!" So I took Brooklyn and smelt her breathe and sure as snow it STUNK!!! I remembered the smell. It reminded me of how B's breathe smelt when she got Thrush at the age of 26 months. I really didn't think anything of it til Sunday. I was trying to get Brooklyn to take a bottle and while she was screaming, I saw this nasty looking white stuff that looked like cottage cheese in her mouth on the sides of her cheeks. GREAT!!! One more thing to add to our plate. That night I took her to Kidscare and sure as snow it was Thrush. The poor kid! So we went and got the RX and she hates it more than anything in this world. I beat she would rather eat peas or green beans!! We have to dip a q-tip in a anti fungal liquid and swab it in her month. She kicks and screams and kicks some more. So I asked the dr if it was contagious and he told me NO. Others in my fam think that it is....well I was talking to my ped dr and come to find out it is not contagious. The fungus that causes thrush or any yeast infection, has to be able to attach itself to tissue or something that is 'poreis' (with pores). So no worries fam, you can't get it by sucking on a toy that Brooklyn has sucked on because the fungus cannot grab on to something that doesn't have tissue or pores!

Other than that life seems to be good. I love my fam and close friends for all their love, support, and understanding through this time in my life.......I Love You All!

Oh, here are some recent pics:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Friends

Here are two girls that totally love each other. I hope and pray they will be BFs forever. I went up to Bountiful to get the girls from PJs sister Heidi's house and thought that we would go kidnap Natalie from her house. See Amy, her mom, just had a baby and I know how it is to have a new baby and a four-year-old. So we went and kidnapped Natalie and off to our house we went. We decided to go and grab McDonald's...well that turned into.."Can we stay and play?" How could I say no to two great kids. So we stayed and they had a blast. When it was time to go, B said to Nat "Natalie you have my heart" I wanted to cry and yes I finally did. We dropped Nat off at her house and I cried. They are such good friends and hardly ever get to see each other. I went home that night and cried some more. My dad made a really good point, which in turn made me feel sooooo much better. He said, "Kim look at it this way. At least they live 20 minutes apart. I could be worse if you lived 200 miles or in another state." THANKS DAD! You truly know how to make me feel better. So cheers to Nat and B, may you two be BFs forever!!!