Sunday, May 24, 2009


So you might wonder what the heck that says or how we came up with that word. Well, my mom made it up for Brooklyn. She wiggles and squirms so much my mom started to call her 'Squeegee'. Take the two words and what do you get...... Just look at the pic, she would not hold still for me to even get a good one, so here is part of her head. Maybe that is not the best way to spell it, but just ask my kindergarten kids how to spell a word and they will tell you to sound it out. So I sounded it out and that is what I got. If you have a better way to spell it, please let me know.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day Present!

So I found this in a bag that was given to me for Mother's Day from B and thought you all might get a little chuckle from reading it:

The Pool!

So I promised B that we would go to the pool yesterday after dinner.....well her friend came over and we had dinner and they played til about 7:30. Well once Afton left guess who wants to go the pool??? Yeap B. I told her that we would go the next day after I got off work. Once again we ran into a road block, the pool didn't open til 4 and we went at 3. So we ventured back home til after dinner. I really did not want to go, but a promise is a promise. So off we went and the only thing I am going to say is I will never go to the pool again unless I have: 1. Two more arms and 2. a STROLLER. I have a stroller, but it is a double stroller and I am NOT dragging that thing into the inside pool.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Go Go Go....

Today was a go go go day. I was up at 6 and it is 9:39pm and I am still awake! B had a Dr's. appointment today and she had to pee in a cup to check to see if her UTI has gone completely out of her system and she refused to do it. Finally after 45 mins in the office area I said to her: "Bethi if you go pee in the cup we can go to the Zoo!" Well that worked. Sure as stuff the minute we went in the bathroom with the cup, she went! The things we do as mothers to get our kids to do stuff. So off to the Zoo we went. We saw whatever animals she wanted to see, we rode the train and the new carousel, had Kettle Corn, and decided that we better go before it got to busy. Then we ran 'mom' errands, went and saw my grandma (who is in a nursing home), and headed home. We walked out the door this morning at 9:15 and didn't get back til 6:15. Then we did our nightly routine and now I am ready for bed. The kids passed out hours ago. What it would be to be young again!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The many quotes of a 4yr old!

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So Sunday's have been a challenge for me the past couple weeks to the point that I don't even want to go. So last Sunday Bethanie was given a talk before we went to church and then right before sacrament started. So as the sacrament was being blessed, Bethanie threw herself on me and said that she was tired and wanted to go home. So I quietly said, "Bethanie we are not going home, please be quiet during the sacrament!" The blessing was done and they started passing it to the congregation and she says at the top of her lungs: "But I am just a child who needs to take a nap!" I said "Bethanie please be quiet!!" She then says, "But I am just a child who has been here for a long time!!" So I quietly got up and took her to the hall. Great! Why does it have to be so hard!!! Good thing that I have a sister and her family that can help out!