Monday, June 29, 2009

NO more pencils....NO more books.....

Summer school is officially over!!!!! Great for job!! (NOT) Pretty sure I can make it to August 24th when school starts.
Things are going good in our lives. Brooklyn just gets bigger and bigger everyday. She is blabbing like crazy, but still is not walking. Hey...I am not concerned...the later it is the better. No hurry Little Miss! We went to a really good friends birthday party yesterday and she surprised me by getting off the deck herself. She just turned around and went backward off the deck. She loves B's build-a-bear, but not her own. I think it is because B's has music in it and hers doesn't. Little Miss loves the is funny, she hates the tub, but LOVES the pool.
Bethanie is getting excited to go Kindergarten. She surprises me everyday on what she has picked up. Today she asked me how to spell my name, so I told her how and she says:"Well, how do you do a K?" So I showed her and she did a pretty good job. That birthday party we went to was for Hailey, a girl I used to babysit, and B had so much fun. She loves to play with Hailey and cries about not being able to. She gets really upset sometimes and says to me: "Can't we just move back to Bountiful so I can play with my old friends Haybug and Natalie?" It breaks my heart when she says stuff like that, but we get through it and move on! Thank goodness for cars and roads so I can get her up to Bountiful. I can't believe that she will be 5 in about a month...where has all the time gone?????

This is B and Haybug before we moved.

This is the girls last year!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer begins....

I have had some great and not so great summers. This year will be a great one.....even though I have to work. We have spent a few days up in Bountiful, with Amy and her girls, at the pool. We love the pool. Brooklyn loves the water. In fact the first time I put her in the pool in her floaty, she climbed out of it and fell in the water. After a recovery of water up the nose and mouth she refused to get in it again. She would kick and scream if I tried to even put her in it. So, thanks to her dad, she has a new bathing suit with floaty things on the inside. She likes it, but she still falls over head first, if she gets too far into the water. This week may not be a good time for the pool. My sister has a rule about the pool, she doesn't go unless it is 80 degrees or hotter. Well this week it is suppose to be rainy and cool. Dang it! I was hoping for some sun on my pasty white legs and on my farmer tan from recess duty. Happy Summer to you all!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Brooklyn's nickname!

So my mom told me that in my last post, I used the spelling of Brooklyn's nickname as something that you use to clean your car window. Well we can not have that!!!! So I have been thinking and I can't come up with the correct spelling. Well my mom came to me with a way to spell it, so here it is: Squiggy

So from now on that will be Brooklyn's nickname. If you don't know B's nickname...ask her dad. I hate the nickname he has for her, so I just use the name the nurse gave her when she was first born. That name would be Peanut.