Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

I am not going to color coat this, but Christmas was very hard for me. It didn't feel like Christmas, but I tried really hard. Having to give up most of Christmas day for the girls to spend with their dad was hard for me. I know that is how it has to be and next year will be just as hard, but...... Little Brooklyn doesn't really even know what happened, she kind of just sat there and ate the wrapping paper! That girl...she is the best. Bethanie had so much fun coming down the stairs with the kids and finding out the Santa really did come(after all the adults told her that he didn't). She loved opening her presents and finding out that Santa did get her letter telling him where she was and what she wanted. Seeing how my camera broke a few months ago, we rely on good aunt Nichole. I took some pics with my regular cam, so when I develop those look for the update on the slide show. The girls left at noon and I won't lie, I cried. Here I thought that so far this divorce wasn't bad...well maybe sometimes. But the New Year is approaching and the new things will continue to flow my way. I look back at Christmas and think it isn't about gifts or toys or goodies....It is about the Savior and I am very lucky to have Him and all that he brings to me.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bethanie and her adult talk!

So.....Bethanie is four going on 24. She is like a little adult. She can carry on a conversation with anybody like she was their age or older. Today she was at a friends house and we were talking about a Brooklyn and how she is a baby....Well Bethiane pipes off and says: "No she is a Human Being!" What four-year-old knows what a human being is....... Bethanie's dad has a aunt and they live in Woods Cross. Well this aunt introduced her to 'coffee creamer', french vanilla to be exact. Well she loves it. Elli(the aunt) adds milk or water to it and Bethanie drinks it up. Well the other day a friend of mine asks Bethanie if she would like some milk with her lunch. Bethanie says "Yes, coffee milk please" My friend Lonni, says 'what!' Well she tells me this and I had to explain to her the whole story. Now we just laugh. I love that kid....she can really brighten up your day. My mom and I have always sung to Bethanie, since she was little, 'You are my Sunshine' and now a days that just sums up that girl. She is my sunshine!!!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ward Christmas Party!

LOVE ward christmas parties. We had a blast at ours the other night. The kids ran around like the had been given sugar for dinner! The bell people from Bountiful came and did a wonderful job. We had the Nativity done and we had a special guest, SANTA. I truely believe that children's attention span is not very long and by 8:45pm when he arrived...the just ran to him and were so excited. Here are a few pics of our 'eventful' night. I have also added a few of the girls. We just have lots of fun and I can't believe how they are growing. Love you all, thaks for all you do and your support.

Monday, December 1, 2008


So we gave Brooklyn a dill pickle on Thanksgiving and she loved it. In fact she got so mad and screamed at me when I took it from her. I gave her another and she dropped it on the floor and that was the end of the story. She screamed for awhile and then realized that she wasn't going to get one back.

We had dinner at my parents house. We haven't done that in a long time. This is the first Thanksgiving together since my dad retired from the military. I am so Thankful that he has retired and that we can be together on the holidays. Family is the best and without mine I am not sure where I would be today.

Dinner, mmmmmmmm it was sure good!!!