Friday, April 24, 2009

Brooklyn Nichole Freeman

Slideshow #2....something was wrong with so I went to photobucket!

Brooklyn Nichole Freeman

Today is Brooklyn's first Birthday......OMG where has the time gone. Happy Birthday my little angel, Mommy loves you very much!!!!

What a great road traveled for her to get here.

Months after:
Having to go on a diet...I guess I was too fat to have a baby?
High blood pressure
Throwing up morning, noon, and night
Bed rest for three weeks or maybe it was a few months????
More hours at the hospital in labor than I anticipated
Piece of cake delivery with pushing for maybe a half hour
Coming home and feeling the blues
Hard time with the whole breast feeding thing
Trying to be a wife and a mom
Give up the breast feeding thing and went to formula
Blessing day
Croup at three months and an overnight in the Hospital
Having a great baby!
Love of my life....Need I say more!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Whatever came to mind.....

So I haven't blogged for awhile and thought I would take the time today to do a little. First things first.....MY DIVORCE IS FINAL! Yeah for me! Can you tell that I am excited? There are still days that I miss the whole marriage/husband/wife life, but then there are days where PJ is a jerk about something and I thank my lucky stars that we are not married!!!

Bethanie is good, still her smart little self. She is so sassy sometimes that I wonder what her age is.....4 or 20? She says that she is not going to Kindergarten. I tell her "Yes B you are going to Kindergarten whether you like it or not." She stomps around for a few minutes and forgets what we just talked about. Like my brother Paul says: 'Give'em five minutes and it is over.' B loves her sister, so much that I think she strangles her every time they hug! Gotta love siblings.

Brooklyn is growing sooooo fast. She is now crawling like a race car and loves to be able to move around. Her and Danny (her uncle that we live with) play this game called 'Bonk'. Danny says 'bonk' and they smack each other in the head with their foreheads. It is so cute. She is starting to pull herself up on things, but only to her knees. She has her days where she loves bb food and then she goes on strike and has to have adult food. Go figure! She loves her Aunt Nichole and screams when you take her away from her. She is talking like crazy. She goes to my mom's three times a week and loves my mom's dog Heidi. In fact she can say Heidi. The other day we were getting into the car and she saw another dog and says "Heidi" So now every animal is called a 'Heidi'. I woke one morning with her laying in her bed, holding her stuffed cat, and her saying: "Heidi, Heidi" It was the cutest thing ever.

Here are some recent pics of the girls: