Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh my holy DUCKS!

Ever since we moved in with with my parents,we have gotten ourselves into a little routine. We have become duck feeders. There are a lot of ducks at our complex! Everyday we the girls and I are out there feeding our little friends. There are even a few ducks that will eat right out of our hands. It is sooooo much fun. I decided 2 take a few pics so that you all could see our little duck friends!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~15 months~

I can not believe that Brooklyn is 15 months! Where does the time go? She is still only 20 lbs, but she is 30 and 3/4 inches tall. She ranges in the 75th percentile of her height! She still is not walking on her own, but that is ok. She has taken about 5 steps on her own, but then falls to the ground and crawls! Lazy is what I call it! She loves to say Heidi (my mom has a dog named that), Adi (my niece's name is Addison and they call her Adi), she knows what hot means (she pants like a dog when things are hot or you say the word hot), and she knows what dirty means. That one is kind of funny, you say dirty or gross and she makes this sound and she knows that it is dirty or gross. She also says "whats that?" which is dang cute. She has figured out that she can say that to anything and get a response! Brooklyn likes to scream, especially at Bethie! Gotta love that sisterly bond they have going on! She loves to sit in chairs that are her size and will play with them forever. She really likes to give hugs and loves her Aunt Nichole and Grammie Donna. Speaking of Grammie Donna, she has got Brooklyn hooked on crushed ice! You can't even fix a drink without her screaming cause she KNOWS that there is ice in that cup! Thanks mom!!! Just think she could be truning five and going to kindergarten! Now that is a differ post!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday Night S'mores!

We went camping last weekend....Yes I took the girls camping and let me tell you I will NEVER do that again until Brooklyn is about 6!!!!! Don't get me was fun, but it works a lot better when there are more hands (like husband hands) and your kid can walk and not crawl around eating the dirt!!! So Heather, my little sis, was telling us about oven s'mores! That they are better than any fire roasted marshmallow s'more. And that we will never eat s'mores again if we have then oven style. So Monday being FHE we decided to make oven s'mores! Oh my heck was Heather right! They were so goooooood! My parents, Bethanie, and I had two each! I could of had five, but.....I didn't! Thanks Heather, from now on we will being having FHE and Monday Night S'mores!!!!

Bethanie says to me: "Mmmmm, Mom these are great!" Ya you should of seen her face after she ate them, that pic is PRICELESS!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


A lot has gone on the past couple weeks and I thought that I should just do a recap on our family events. I worked during most of June, but our weekends were fabulous. We have spent them at the Zoo, the pool, friends houses, and of course we attended my sister's annual July 3rd party!!
The Zoo is a great place to be. This is the second time that we have owned a zoo pass and we love it. They have what is called "The Safari Sunrise Walk" which is for members only. They open the zoo at 7:30 and allow the members to watch as the zoo wakes up. We love it, not only me, but the girls too. Brooklyn loves to watch the monkeys and yells at them when they don't move. Bethanie loves....well everything.
The pool on the other hand is sometimes a scary thing. I don't mind going with our best friends in Bountiful, but when it is just the girls and I, I have anxiety! They both love the water so is hard to keep track of both of them. So no more outings to the pool without friends. We also went to the Oquirrh Hills Temple open house...that was a great experience for me and Bethaine. She is so excited to go when she gets older!
We also hang out a lot at Amy and Natalie's house. The kids play and Amy and I do crafts. The girls love to be together and I love hanging out with Amy and making stuff.
For my sisters annual party, we had a blast. They do it on the third every year and then head to Granite High School for the fireworks. She used to live right down the street from Granite and we would just walk to the High School and watch the fireworks. She has done this party for about 12 years.....(that is a guess. I am not really sure how long it has been, but it has been a long time.) So now we just have a great BBQ and then we all get in cars and drive over to a church parking lot and park and walk to the school. I haven't been in a few years, my x and I kind of started our own tradition and....well we all know what happened there. It was sad for me to not be up at Eaglewood Golf Course with great friends and fam watching the fireworks, but life happens and things change.
I have compiled a little slide show of our events for the past couple weeks. Enjoy!