Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update on Brooklyn

So when your doctor tells you you have to see a specialist, you think that will be months and months away. Well I called PCMC Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist on Thursday to get an appointment. Well we are being seen Monday Feb. 2nd at 1:00 pm. So keep your fingers crossed and I will update you on Monday (if there is any update) Love you all Tons!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brooklyn~Nine months

So Brooklyn turned 9 Months last Saturday. I can not believe where the time has gone. I just think of my little sis Heather, her baby will be one at the end of Feb. The just grow up so fast. So I had to change Brooklyn's Well Baby Check Up to Monday instead of Tuesday, because once again she was sick. So we did two visits in one big one. She weighs 15 lbs and 16 oz. and she is 27.25 inches long. She is in the 17% of her weight and the 37% of her height. I was concerned about how she held her legs and confronted the Dr. about it and he went through a bunch of questions. The first was was she born breech? No but en-utero (or in the womb) she had her feet always up by her ears. Second, are there any hip problems in the family? Well, yes there is. I had to wear a brace to help my hips and PJ's sister Heidi has a daughter that had hip problems. He said that to be on the safe side, we should take some film (x-rays) and just take a look. Well I had to wear a brace around my legs when I was little and Heidi's daughter had to wear one for 18 months. So it might be a problem. Dr. Bentley said that he didn't feel any catches or kinks(if that is how you sp the word), but lets just look anyway. I told Dr. Bentley that I had to wear a brace when I was little and he said that they don't do that any more!!!!! So we took the x-rays and were on our way. Well I got a phone call this afternoon from the Dr's office and the x-rays didn't come back good. There definately a problem. He said that we need to take her up to PCMC and have her looked at by a Pediatric Orthapedic Specialist. Well if any of you know me, which a lot of you do, on came the flood. Ya know it is the last thing you want to hear when your child has been in and out of the hospital with croup, we are going on our third ear infection since last December, and life is up in shambles to begin with. Well, it is a good thing that I have the power of the priesthood and pray on my side. And of course an optimistic ex-husband who just said "They will just put her in a brace like they did with Lili Ann and she will be fine!" So we will just have to wait and see what they say.

Brooklyn is sitting up great. She loves to jump in her jumperoo and to play on the floor with her toys. She loves the bath and hates it when I get her out of the tub. She is always talking and thinks we know what she is saying....her smile and her shyness is to die for.....she is hates baby food and loves table food (which is okay to give her according to her dr.)....she has this thing about her that just makes me smile.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting so BIG....

So when Bethanie was four months old her grandma Marlene gave her a Jumperoo for Christmas. I really wasn't sure about the toy and wondered if B was too little for it. Well we tried it at our apartment and she loved it. I can remember when we moved back to SLC from New Mexico she was really jumping in it and I went to change the laundry. As I am changing the laundry, I didn't hear the bouncer. I walk slowly into the front room and B had fallen asleep......Well the other day we got it out for Brooklyn and she loves it(especially if someone is in the room watching her...that little performer). We all got a kick out of it. especially Bethanie. She likes to pretend she is jumping with her sister. Well look at what happens when you jump for a half hour at 7:30 at night:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Heck Ya!!!

UTES FIRED UP!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

WE DID IT!!! To all of you who didn't think we could, which was about 89% of the Nation.....WE DID IT! The underdogs, the team west of the Mississippi, the great University of Utah.

Last night I went over to my sister Heather's house to watch the game. My brother Matthew was there and that game rocked! Brad, Heather's husband, put the game through his projecter and let me tell you....watching that game on that made me feel like I was one of the fans at the actual game. I would of loved to of been there, but ya know.....I really don't understand all this BCS stuff and the controversy of that whole thing, but we went in with our heads high and kicked some major butt!!!!!! Go Utah, We showed them!!!