Sunday, September 20, 2009


So I asked Bee what she wanted to do this fall, play soccer or dance. Well she decided to play soccer. So our first game/practice was pretty good. Bee came up with the name of the team, we are known as the 'Green Machines'. We left and Bee says to me in the car, "Mom I think this is going to be really fun!" Well Thursday's game was not so great. We played the Killer Bees. Bee was doing great for never playing soccer until her and a opposing teammate collided and hit each other in the head. See, because they are so little, the coaches can be on the field to help out and no one tends the goal. Some of the same rule applies, but not all. So when the two collided Bee turns to me and I shout "Its okay, shake it off!" She then continues to play and when the other team scored, I ran out to get her. She is still crying and doesn't want to play anymore. Well she went from me to her dad to Grandma Donna to Aunt Colie back to her dad and then to me. While she was going back and forth she happens to say to all of us: "I wish I would of picked dancing!" We all go a chuckle and she decided not to finish the game. Through all of the drama, we still won 5-2. We got home that night and she said that she didn't want to play anymore and I told her that the decision was up to her. Well, Friday came along and her dad called to ask is she was going to play on Saturday and she responded with: "Ya, my team needs me to be there to help win!" So, we went Saturday to play and she did really good. She got the ball a few times and kicked it, but other than that she pretty much stays away from it. We won 10-1. I don't blame her for staying away from the ball. We are going to practice before the next game on Thursday and then she can decided if she wants to play or not.

We just scored our first goal. 1-0

Bee getting a touch of the ball.

Bee and her friend Abby passing the ball.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Bethanie started Kindergarten this year....OMH! I can't believe that my Bee is going to school. It seems like just yesterday I had her. She loves it and that is all that matters. We have a lot of work to do, Bee is a little lazy! As long as she applies her self, she will be brilliant. Bee is a smart kid and she knows it, but when she get lazy we have issues. I wonder where she gets that from...not me!!! She did great the first week, but now she seems to struggle. I think once Bee gets in the grove, she will be just fine. We took pics (of course) of her first day of school and thought we would share them with you all. Thanks Uncle Matthew, Aunt Kat, and Zoe for the outfit. It was a hit for the first day of school!
Gotta love that face!
Love the Cheese!