Monday, May 3, 2010

I miss you today!

Since my separation and divorce to PJ, I really haven't been able to listen to the radio. PJ and I had pretty much the same taste in music. Anything from Country to The 80's to Nine in Nails to Andrew Bochelli (or however you spell his name). We hardly ever fought over it and loved to listen to it. In several of the places that we lived, he would have the sound system in two places of the house. One the main living area and the other usually in the bedroom. At one time we could listen to one thing in the bedroom and a differ thing in the living room. We would listen to it at differ times of the day; like cleaning the house or just to relax.
It is hard for me to really listen to the radio or really any kind of music. I had friends put cds with songs of girl power or men bashing together, in fact I own two PINK cds and play them over and over and over. They don't seem to work as good as I thought they would, but oh well. My girls like to have music played at bedtime and when I am laying there with Brooklyn and hear the music, my mind wonders and I seem to think of PJ and for some odd reason today I miss him!

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