Monday, May 17, 2010

A reunion at last....21 yrs is a long time!!

I was not feeling myself todayand haven't been for a few days....really bad headache, cough, running nose, the I decided to stay home from work to get better. Ya right did that not happen. I was putting Brooklyn down for a nap and my phone rang. It was my mom and I wasn't going to answer it but something told me to. So I did and she says: "Just calling to tell you that Grandma is not good...she will probably not make it through the night. They have put her in her own room so if you want to come and say goodbye or see her before she goes that would be fine." I hung up the phone and just cried! The day wasn't good to begin with and that just made it worse.

Bethie has no school this week because of assessments and I had made arrangements for her to go stay with the Hall's in Bountiful but decided that if they could take her tonight, I would take her up there and go see grandma. Of course they were all over that...Bethie and Hailey are so close; the more time they get together the better off they are. So off to Bountiful I went and dropped her off and then headed to the rest home. When I got there my dad was standing outside waiting to take me to her room. I visited with my aunts and uncles, laughed about old times and remember the good. I decided that I better take off.....having Brooklyn there was kind of I said my goodbyes.

Grandma I love you more than words can say. Thank you for being a great grandma. I will always remember bear lake raspberries and vanilla ice cream, the white peach tree, the riding lawn mower, the many sleepovers waking to the smell of coffee brewing, and many many more memories. Remember to give Grandpa a huge hug for me and tell him I love and have missed him tons.

Grandpa its time...21 years is a long time to be away from your loving wife and companion. May the reunion be filled with tears of joy. She is ready to be with you and all those that have gone before her. Come and take her home!!


Amy said...

i'm sorry Kim!

Heidi Sue said...

Kim, I am sorry! If you need anything let us know.