Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sick to my stomach!

The past few days have been pretty crappy for me. It all started Sunday and has progressed through today. I think I have lost one of my best friends. I have known this person for about 4 yrs. and have been able to be myself with this person. Something happened and now this person seems different. I needed someone to talk to this morning and when I texted this person, I never got a response. My grandma died last night and even though it is a good and happy thing, I am sad. PJ was a real jerk this morning when I called him this morning to talk to him about Saturday...the day of the Funeral.....and he was so rude. Lastly, I got chewed out at work, but not to my face! I am the type of person who eats when they get upset and I thought that I had learned to control that behavior! Well guess not! After a meeting at work today where I was the reason for the meeting.....I started to cry and couldn't stop. Once I could go to lunch, I hit the food. As I was eating lunch a friend says to me: "You know you will be sick later today!" I haven't eaten a Whopper since November of 2009 and I had one for lunch and she was right. I feel like I could throw-up! I continued when I went to get Bethie from the Hall's.... I had an ice cream, then two cookies, and then some candy. I am sooooo sick to my stomach right now that I could kick myself in the butt. Why do we do this stuff? Why can we do something that we know we will regret later on......

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